Job Description

The System Chief Medical Officer (CMO) is responsible for providing oversight and strategic direction to the creation of a value-based care delivery model to Lee Health’s employed (Lee Physician Group) and independent physicians as well as advanced providers (through the provider network) and respective medical staffs. The CMO works as part of a dyad leadership model with the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) to ensure that practices across the care continuum provide care that is Safe, Timely, Effective, Efficient, Equitable and Patient-Centered (STEEP). The CMO ensures creation and sustainability of a positive physician/provider culture throughout the health system that enables the best care and patient experience.

The CMO as a dyad with the CNO drives growth and performance goals (quality, service, access, employee and physician engagement) as outlined in the strategic plan and is specifically responsible for the strategy and growth of Lee Health service lines (Heart/Vascular and Thoracic, Oncology and Orthopedics).

This position also progresses Lee Health’s value-based delivery care model by developing and supporting care agreements that reward providers for improving patient outcomes, reducing the effects and incidence of chronic disease, and helping patients and consumers live healthier lives through evidence-based practice.

The CMO works in partnership with the Chief Clinical Officer, Quality, Safety and Hospital-Based Care and the Chief Clinical Officer Community-Based Care to achieve physician practice growth, quality practice goals and initiatives along with care model development to support care across the enterprise.

As a senior leader within the organization, reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the CMO participates on leadership groups and other key councils to advocate for healthcare outcome improvements in alignment with Lee Health’s strategic plan.


  • Develops Lee Health’s value-based care clinical delivery model, setting the clinical strategy (in partnership with the Chief Nursing Officer) for Lee Health and ensures appropriate degrees of consistency throughout the care continuum.
  • Advances and grows Lee Health’s multiple service lines in alignment with the strategic plan to enhance patient satisfaction, quality of care, access and enhance financial strength and sustainability. Builds alliances among Lee Physician Group and independent-but-affiliated practices to ensure service line market saturation and improved physician loyalty.
  • Develops strategies and shares accountability for tactical execution to improve physician engagement, retention and a positive and high-performance physician culture that embraces continuous improvement, quality excellence and exceptional patient experience. Supports efforts to address physician burnout and increase overall well-being.
  • Provides oversight for hospital and community-based care models along with quality and safety through direct reporting relationships with area Chief Clinical Officers. Ensures appropriate levels of professional development for physicians and advanced providers. Sponsors development of high potential physician leaders.
  • Defines and solves short- and long-term complex problems; develops change management capacity of others and fosters a vision of desired outcomes that empowers leadership, physicians, advanced providers, and staff.
  • Able to identify and utilize data and information about people, political dynamics, and the organization’s climate to promote change; use knowledge of timing, agendas, and group processes to accomplish legitimate objectives. Maintains high levels of communication among physicians, management and staff ensuring a cohesive environment, effective working relationships, group professionalism and high staff morale.
  • Develops and promotes teamwork within employed and independent physicians and other interdisciplinary team members. Role models effective working relationships between physicians, advanced providers and nursing. Confronts negative attitudes to build commitment and morale; get factions with competing perspectives to learn from one another. Integrates efforts and talents of team members.
  • Identifies trends, best practices and industry environmental dynamics, acting on opportunities for positive change. Take calculated and reasonable risks to meet objectives, which includes the focus on developing a value-based physician focus throughout Lee Health.
  • Explores technology solutions to improve care in concert with the Chief Medical Informatics Officer. Defines and aligns systems and processes in areas of responsibility with the organization’s systems or objectives; works with established systems and utilizes them to achieve results.
  • Leads cross functional senior level physician team and advisory group that identifies, recommends, implements and monitors growth and partnership opportunities. Works collaboratively with Lee Health Physician Leadership, employed physicians, contracted physicians, independent physicians, community organizations, and Lee Health’s Senior Leadership to explore and leverage mutually beneficial opportunities to partner.
  • Organizes and leads LPG and value-based care physicians to facilitate safe and integrated clinical workflows. Responsible for care redesign by providing oversight and direction to the LH Innovatus board of managers. Creates alignment between value-based reimbursement and physician compensation.
  • Ensures that clinical practices are aligned with regulatory requirements at Federal, State and local levels.


INTEGRITY: Adheres to a moral code of values and transparency that is at the core of who they are. Is always gracious, trustworthy, hardworking, responsible, helpful, and patient. Can be counted on to always provide their best leadership and guidance no matter the situation.

GROWTH DRIVER: Play an instrumental role in creating and managing a plan that will contribute to sustainable and profitable growth.

STRATEGIC: Play a leading role in strategy formation within the business or the health system as well as all clinical areas. Works with the COO in an advisory capacity providing honest advice for the good of the Lee Health and its patient population

CULTURE CHAMPION: Embraces LEE HEALTH’S Mission, Vision and Core Values. Works to bring these visions and values to life both personally and professionally.

LEADERSHIP AND CAPABILITY BUILDER: Inspires, coaches, and develops individual and team capabilities by championing strengths and collaboration. Aligns the organization around strategies and decisions by empowering leaders to elevate and inspire their teams. Solve problems and navigate conflict all while maintaining a positive environment.

INNOVATION CATALYST: Builds and empowers open lines of communication that encourages and facilitates creative thinking to find enterprising ideas from anyone in the health system.

CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Deep understanding of complex and/or rapidly changing environments. The Chief Medical Officer embraces change and leads effectively during change.

VISIONARY: Provide insight into the latest clinical tools and business strategies. Applies this insight by stating clear goals and outlining a strategic plan to achieve those goals. Works with executive leadership to keep LEE HEALTH ahead of industry trends.

INFLUENCER: Builds credibility and trust across the entire organization to drive change by challenging conventional thinking; encouraging creativity, increasing cross functional coordination, and reducing repetition. This person is collaborative, parks his/her ego at the door and works effectively across functional business lines.

THOUGHT LEADER: Elevates the conversation about LEE HEALTH’S values and aspirations by breaking down functional barriers and building collaborative alignment and a strategic vision that strengthens and amplifies the company’s voice.


  • Proven leadership in a dynamic environment
  • Flexible in adapting leadership style to the organizational context.
  • Understands and displays the values of mission-driven organization and leads from values and principles.
  • Functions successfully in a distributed-leadership, team environment.
  • Decisive leader with collaborative style and credible professional presence.
  • Proven participation in community leadership activities.
  • Ability to listen effectively, share ideas and information openly and facilitate relationship-building to achieve results.
  • Ability to serve as mentor/coach to others.
  • Possesses strong business skills with the ability to think strategically and implement tactically.
  • Ability to handle demanding workload to meet positional and health system objectives.
  • Comfortable and proficient utilizing information technology and communications equipment required in a modern complex business environment.


  • Senior management experience in a multi-site, complex health system environment with employed and independent physician groups
  • Senior management experience with responsibility for strategic planning, business development, and the recruitment, evaluation and mentoring of a successful physician management team in a competitive market.
  • Proven ability to develop value-based care models and integrating and/or initiating new clinical programs and service sites, while improving financial and operational performance, and patient experience standards.
  • Success in improving physician engagement and in management of successful relationships with clinical leadership across the enterprise.
  • Experience functioning in a dyad leadership model environment with nursing.
  • Ability to employ, analyze, and communicate complex strategic, financial and operational information.
  • Ability to analyze, design, and implement clinical workflows and structures that achieve organizational performance goals especially in improving care quality and patient experience.


  • Board certified physician
  • Masters level degree in business or healthcare administration, or related preferred.
  • A minimum 10 years of clinical and administrative experience.