At MalinHughes, we understand that there are times when a business needs to scale its workforce quickly and efficiently.

Whether its temporary augmentation to your talent acquisition team, outsourcing of a specific HR function, or assistance in building a permanent HR team, we have the expertise and resources to seamlessly support your needs.

With our extensive networks and advanced applicant tracking system that allows you to monitor our process in real-time, we can source the ideal candidates while keeping you informed every step of the way.

From entry-level to senior professionals, our focus on volume hiring within defined timelines, while meeting specific requirements, ensures successful recruitment projects. By partnering with us, you can stay focused on driving your business initiatives forward while we handle talent acquisition or manage your HR function.

At MalinHughes, we are committed to delivering efficient and effective solutions, ensuring that your organization scales quickly and successfully.

MalinHughes is a leader in their Industry. They did not just talk, they delivered!

Thank you MalinHughes for your transformational approach that has led to transparency across our organization, transformed siloed departments into integrated work groups that connect us as one team, and brought us an amazing leader to carry out this great work!

MalinHughes has made our organization an even greater place to work, for today and in the future! We are forever grateful for your investment in us!” – April Tarpley, HRBP

Why MalinHughes?


Through our comprehensive executive search and human resource consulting services, we have a profound impact on the success and growth of companies across industries.


By connecting our clients with exceptional talent, we drive innovation, enhance leadership effectiveness, and cultivate high-performing teams.


Our commitment to integrity, diversity, and inclusion ensures that we create environments where every individual can thrive and contribute their unique perspectives.


With a relentless focus on excellence and responsiveness, we deliver tailored solutions that optimize HR operations and processes.


Through our work, we leave a lasting impact on the companies we serve, driving their success and shaping the future of their industries.