Change management and communications (CM&C) is a systematic approach to support the transformation of an organization’s goals, processes or technologies through its most critical implementation success stakeholders…your leaders and employees.

When an organization is preparing and implementing its vision, they must also bring along their leaders and employees on the transformation journey.

Without targeting efforts to gain their understanding and buy-in, transition plans can take longer, become more difficult, and misunderstandings of change(s) to people, process, and technology efforts can ensue.

MalinHughes prepares organizations through communication systems, change management events, tools and more, to ensure all level of employees understand, embrace, and celebrate the changes and milestones of its journey. You will work with seasoned professionals preparing you not only with communication materials, but also developing customized toolkits synchronized with existing communication vehicles within your organization to bring your team along.

We ensure your leaders are well-equipped to continue the work, engagement, and exercises as part of their strategic initiatives.

“CarePoint Health engaged Malin Hughes to assist us with our search for a new CEO.  They brought expertise and experience specific to the healthcare industry which was crucial to our organization.  Their ability and willingness to customize their services to exactly what we needed in the search process was exceptional.  In my experience, Malin Hughes is one of the few consultants that was able to achieve the goal that all organizations have for consultants – to help us achieve our goals in an effective and cost effective manner all while feeling more like partners than outsiders.  I suppose the end result is the real testimony.  In our case, we completed our CEO search process on schedule and on budget.  We had a large number of qualified candidates to consider and are highly confident in both our search and selection process.”  – Steve Quach, CEO CarePoint Health

Why MalinHughes?


Through our comprehensive executive search and human resource consulting services, we have a profound impact on the success and growth of companies across industries.


By connecting our clients with exceptional talent, we drive innovation, enhance leadership effectiveness, and cultivate high-performing teams.


Our commitment to integrity, diversity, and inclusion ensures that we create environments where every individual can thrive and contribute their unique perspectives.


With a relentless focus on excellence and responsiveness, we deliver tailored solutions that optimize HR operations and processes.


Through our work, we leave a lasting impact on the companies we serve, driving their success and shaping the future of their industries.