In recent surveys, CEO’s rank workforce shortages and high labor costs as the most pressing issues facing the business. These shortages compromise strategies for growth, quality, customer and patient satisfaction and overall financial performance.

MalinHughes delivers measurable and evidence-based workforce solutions that drive business outcomes and enable achievement of strategic objectives.

The talent pool is now bursting with individuals who are well-versed in their personal value proposition, shifting the balance of power from employers to the workforce, permitting top talent to shop their services to the best buyer. These buyers sometimes are agencies who employ, and then contract these employees to companies for a premium, resulting in significantly higher cost for contract, and employed personnel to fill critical vacancies.

MalinHughes has helped clients save millions in labor costs by driving down vacancy rates, improving retention and renegotiating rates and terms with staffing agencies. With years of expertise attained through diverse industries, MalinHughes will partner with you to develop well-executed, consistently deployed, and measurable workforce solutions and retention strategies to ensure that your business will increase productivity and efficiency, reduce turnover costs, enhance organizational culture and increase in-house technical expertise.

“I felt having this organization coming in and provide an executive assessment, strategic plan based on the results of that assessment and engaging key stakeholders in the plan with defined metrics was extremely well [organized] and executed. MalinHughes set us up for success and put us on a path to be very competitive in this market. Thank you!” – Kelly Espinoza, Chief Nursing Officer

Why MalinHughes?


Through our comprehensive executive search and human resource consulting services, we have a profound impact on the success and growth of companies across industries.


By connecting our clients with exceptional talent, we drive innovation, enhance leadership effectiveness, and cultivate high-performing teams.


Our commitment to integrity, diversity, and inclusion ensures that we create environments where every individual can thrive and contribute their unique perspectives.


With a relentless focus on excellence and responsiveness, we deliver tailored solutions that optimize HR operations and processes.


Through our work, we leave a lasting impact on the companies we serve, driving their success and shaping the future of their industries.